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Start a holiday with our getaway caravans and choose your own adventure!

Adventure doesn’t need a destination – Wherever you are, that’s where you’ll be!

As outdoor and travel enthusiasts, we started Getaway Caravan and Camping HireĀ on the dream of helping people enjoy their holidays with their families. We’d like to make it easier on you. The stress of planning a holiday can sometimes make the holiday itself redundant!

Based in the picturesque Hunter Valley of New South Wales near Newcastle, we are located amidst some of the most amazingly diverse landscapes and are lucky enough to have near perfect weather year round! Starting a holiday with us means you have the freedom to choose your own adventure, whether you want to cruise the coast, hit the vineyard trail, head to the mountains or simply relax. There are plenty of places to pull up and rest easy, you can take comfort in being with your ‘apartment on wheels’ wherever you are!

Our vans are easy to set up so you get to relax that much sooner, and packing up is just as easy, meaning maximum time to spend enjoying your holiday, where ever you end up! Our campervans come ready to go, stocked with kitchen, cleaning and camping equipment – minimising the amount you have to think about upfront. Packing need only involve your clothing, groceries, toiletries and linen suited to wherever it is you’re headed. Let us help you go on an adventure your family will talk about for years to come – without the hassle.


Perhaps you are looking to have a quiet weekend away just the two of you, or perhaps a kid free weekend with other parents. Having the mobility of a camper van or caravan means you aren’t limited to just the one place, meaning you are free as can be.

We have a great time outdoors with our family and friends and would love to share it with you. We have plenty of experience from all over Australia and are able to point you in the right direction to get some quality and unique experiences from our great backyard. There are no limits to the distance you can take our vans, all over mainland Australia. You can hire any of our vans for as long as you like, and have the potential to extend if not pushing out another


Let us help you have the most relaxing holiday ever with the least stress possible. Limit your planning and let your nose guide you or spend time nutting out the best path for you to see some landmarks on your bucket list, either way you are guaranteed to have an excellent time exploring the great outdoors. Renting a caravan is one of the best ways to truly experience the great outdoors

The best part of a caravan or camper trailer holiday is how comfortably mobile you can be. The beach one day, and the mountains the next – you no longer have to choose where it is that you will base your holiday. Our diverse landscapes are there to be seen and explored. If you’ve never seen the sky full of bright stars or the moon come up over the ocean, or the afternoon light trickle over the horizon in the west, then you are due for a holiday just like these.