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Getaway Caravan & Camping Hire, a caravan rental in Australia, allows you to do something different without the huge outlay of purchasing a home on wheels.

You want to bundle the family into the car and go somewhere you’ve never been before, exposing your children and yourselves to the diversity that is Australia.

You want to explore with sandy toes and dusty plains and lush rainforests where you can swim in a lagoon under a waterfall and then stay the night. You want to go fishing and cook your catch and breathe the fresh air that eludes the city. You want to show your kids, what your parents showed with you. You want to play in the wild, meet the furry, feathered locals and explore before a lazy afternoon nap.

We want to give that to you. That’s why we do what we do. That’s why we opened Getaway Caravan and Camping Hire, and it’s why we know you’re in the right place to book the holiday of a lifetime!

The Getaway team are Shaun and Ceit – a couple of road warriors wanting to share their passion for the great family adventure. Doing something different with, or without, the kids and taking them to the great outdoors is a fun way to spend time away from the computer and the tellie. Make some memories and give the kids something to talk about. Caravan hire allows you to do something different, without the huge outlay of purchasing a home on wheels – not to mention the storage issues. Booking a trip like this for your family shouldn’t be put in the too hard basket, just hire a caravan!

We offer a well-rounded approach to booking a caravan or camper trailer holiday, from the conception of your holiday to the booking – you are in good hands.

Some people have young families and need the convenience of having the family ‘apartment’ conveniently near by at all times, where others have older teenage children who are likely to spend less time in the parks. We get that each family’s holiday will be different, and seek to offer the basis to go and be where ever it is you end up, with everything you could possibly need to enjoy your time out.

So reach out to us on Facebook, Twitter, or Google + and look through the great times other adventurers are having on their caravan or camper trailer holidays into the great outdoors for ideas. We love to see and hear feedback on your trip and any helpful hints to making your trip best suited to your family.

For any further information you require about the vans, to confirm your cars tow capacity, assess any additional packing you might want to make on top of the inclusions we provide contact us via our General Enquiry form or:

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