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Caravans give you the advantage of having the comfort of your own car. Getaway Caravans two different style vans for hire to suit the who, what, when, where and why of your time out.

How awesome is this! You’re off to a cracking start planning your holiday on the great open road. Maybe it’s a big family style adventure, or you’re a couple of corporate nomads looking for a weekend away doing something a little different.

All van hire fees are fully inclusive of cookware, utensils, cutlery, crockery and camping gear. For a full list of what is included, please CLICK HERE.

New Age Big Red 19ft *Semi-Offroad*

2019 Eternity Monument Family Bunk Van

2016 New Age Manta Ray Ensuite


We have a whole lot of inclusions, making your personal packing a breeze.

All of your standard camping gear will be supplied including outdoor chairs and table, outdoor barbeque and utensils, gas lighter and torch. Safety gear includes a fire extinguisher, small first aid kit and a fire blanket.

Also included are your cooking utensils, cutlery, crockery, and dining items, cleaning equipment, tea and coffee making consumables, tea towels, mattress protectors and even a deck of cards. Appliances include fridge, electric kettle, electric toaster, microwave (Expanda only), gas and electric cooktop and gas top kettle.

As for the external features, there are stabiliser plates, wheel brace, wheel chock, levelling wedge, coupling lock, a van jack, pressure hose, discharge hose, and a 15amp power lead.

For a full list of inclusions, please CLICK HERE.


Are you going on the adventure of a lifetime? Would you like to travel the scenic circuit of Australia in comfort? Long term caravan hire can be a tricky thing to negotiate, so its best to enquire via our contact page or calling us directly on 0428 016 032. We would love to make your dream holiday a reality, and will do whatever possible to provide you with your roaming accommodation at the best rates.

Renovating or having guests come to stay? It can be tedious having so many visitors when everyone just wants their own space. Our long-term caravan hire option is an excellent substitute for a hotel or other forms of accommodation, as you can be together, while not in each other’s pockets. This can also be a more cost efficient way and convenient way to house your family while renovating, without displacing the family from their normal environment – near school and work. Long term caravan hire might not have been an option you considered, though might be the best way to stay close to your life when it’s upside down in renovations.

So why hire a camper trailer or caravan over a campervan or motorhome?

A camper trailer or caravan give you the advantage of having the comfort of your own car, knowing where all the controls are, the petrol efficiency, and even things like programming your own radio stations in make the travel component smoother.

Once you have arrived at your destination, you can set up your camper trailer or caravan and take off for a day trip down to a local walking trail or wine tour, without worrying about where to park a long length vehicle or having to pull the kids out of the extra packing.

Ducking down to the shops becomes a quick trip in the car, not a tetris mission. You just don’t get the extra space in a campervan or motorhome that can make or break the fun on the road. There are plenty of other reasons you may need a caravan or camper van.


Maybe you are looking to hire a van for a comparison before purchasing your own. Our camper trailers and caravans are purposely chosen to provide an experience for you and your family and will likely help you make your decision in either direction. Perhaps owning a van or trailer is the end goal, but you’d like to try a few different models before you buy.

Our range is what we perceive as being the best value for money and has a reputation for quality in the industry. Long term caravan hire might be the best option for someone looking to test out the permanent ‘liveability’ of a van they are looking to buy.