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Hiring a camper trailer through Getaway poses no limits to the distances you can travel.

Where do you want to go? Living in a holiday centre, we are lucky enough to revel in the weather, activities, and lifestyle all year round. We have the beach at our front door and the mountains in our backyard and we never take it for granted. It takes a little bit of organising and a lot of ‘just doing it’ to get out and see the things that are right in front of you!

To get you started on planning your caravan or camper trailer adventure, we have compiled a list of a couple of local favourites to inspire your drive to get out and amongst the greatness that is Australia.

We want to make special mention that hiring a camper trailer through Getaway poses no limits to the distances you can travel as long as the roads adhere to our terms and conditions. We are hopeful that you have big dreams and desire to do a round trip to see the Daintree, Uluru, Wave Rock and the stars shining in the middle of the desert as the only light for miles. We do know that it’s not that easy to take large chunks of time off, so we compiled some local attractions for you to sink your teeth into and get you hooked on the caravan or camper holiday experience.

Hunter Valley Region

Central Coast


Let’s start right here in Newcastle with our best local features. Being a coastal town, we are fortunate to get a beautiful sunny day with the relief of a lovely sea breeze, making a stay along the coast very desirable. Our vans aren’t designed to be driven on sand, but the parks located along the coast have front row centre views of the best beaches in NSW. Stay a little out of the way north at Port Stephens and soak up the sun on one of the many sheltered bays perfect for the kids. Or head south to The Entrance on Tuggerah Lake for a similar experience.

About 30 minutes south of Newcastle, you will find the pristine waters of Lake Macquarie, which is the ideal location for water skiing, boating, fishing and water themed holidays that aren’t beach focused (but have the option). Lake Macquarie has a quiet sleeping holiday vibe year round and provides excellent sheltered conditions for any unwanted bad weather.

Maybe you’d like to head west to try something a little different. Glenworth Valley has a large range of adventure activities for all ages and skill level. Whether you’re the more adventurous type and want to test your skills abseiling or quad bike riding, or maybe you would prefer a relaxing horse ride through the 3000 acres of untouched wilderness, Glenworth Valley has something to suit everyone’s needs. It’s a peaceful stay out there, with the horse farm providing plenty for the kids to do. As Glenworth Valley only has unpowered sites, why not take the opportunity to lay back on a blanket and view the constellations.

There really is no limit to the diversity of local attractions that provide activity and relaxation at the same time. It’s a great way to reconnect with family and friends – away from the daily grind – and immerse yourselves in the culture that is the great outdoors.

Take a further look into areas of interest like the Hunter Valley Region, the Central Coast and in a little more detail, our local hub of Newcastle to broaden your horizons on where to go and what to do with your van.