What do I need to provide?

All of our vans come packed with all of your cooking and dining requirements. We provide camping gear, including collapsible chairs, outdoor table & BBQ. As everyone’s trip requirements will be different, we only provide a basic linen package in addition to the standard mattress protectors. Don’t forget you will need very different items depending on the climate you are visiting and, of course, the things you’ll need for a beach holiday in summer are very different to what you’ll need for a Blue Mountains winter holiday.

What size vehicle will I need?

You’ll need to provide your towbar rating, tow ball rating, make and model of your vehicle upon hiring a caravan or camper trailer through us. You will find the van specifics on their details page.

Aside from the size your vehicle, you will need to take into account the Australian Design Rules.

According to the Australian Design Rules (ADR), all trailers with a Gross Trailer Mass (GTM) exceeding 750kg are required to be fitted with an efficient braking system. All of our vans are fitted with electric brakes, therefore, it is a condition of hire that you have an electric brake controller installed in your car. We offer loan trailer brake controller units free of charge for people who don’t have one fitted to their car. To qualify for a loan unit, your vehicle will need a 12V, 20 amp rated cigarette socket installed within 1 metre of the driver, protected by an auto resettable circuit breaker. We can recommend an auto electrician to fit this for you in the Newcastle area at a time that suits you.

Can I smoke in the van?

The vans are strictly non-smoking. Please consider the use of following hirers and smoke outside and away from the van at all times.

Approximately how much should I allow for petrol?

This one is a tricky one to answer, as no two cars are the same. Each situation is unique and specific to your vehicle, the weight of your luggage, the distance that you are travelling, and the cost of petrol at the time (plus a host of other variables!). A general idea for budgeting purposes is that you will use approximately 25-30% more fuel to cover the same distance as you would without the caravan attached.

How far can I travel?

You can go anywhere on mainland Australia, as long as you remain on well gazetted roads. 4WD trails are off limits when hiring a Getaway Caravan.

What’s the maximum hire time?

We won’t set limits on your holiday; we want you to have the time of your life! You are more than welcome to have the van as long as you would like to rent it, provided there are no future bookings for that van. If the van isn’t booked after your trip and while you are away you would like to stay longer, call us up and we are happy to extend your trip.

What’s the minimum hire time?

Peak times run in line with NSW school holiday times. During peak times, a one-week minimum hire is required. On off peak times, the van can be hired for a minimum period of four days. Please discuss with us if you would like a van for a shorter period of time, as we may be able to negotiate on minimum times to get you on the road.

What am I insured for? Will I need my own insurance?

Upon collection of the van, we will need to take a copy of your car’s comprehensive insurance alongside the $2000 bond, which will be fully refunded within 7 days of the return of the van in (see our Terms and Conditions). All vans are comprehensively insured, including caravan roadside assistance, in case you get into a bind. To qualify for insurance, all our vans have been fitted with a GPS tracking device.